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AP Huh?

Yeah, APIs are the coolest thing since sliced bread. I mean, think of all those people who had to actually slice their bread. That must have really sucked for them, moving their arm back and forth in a cutting motion. They must have had big muscles. Anyway, ColourMod is going the route of an API.

You might be asking why are you going to create an API? I’ve been asking myself that too, especially since it means a complete code overhaul. But if Shaun Inman does it, it must be cool! Seriously, there are many reasons. The main reason is that I want ColourMod to be as easy, or as complicated as each individual user wants to make it.

I put on my thinking cap the other day (it was a little tight), and started thinking of the non-food related possibilities that an API can bring to the table. The first thing that came to mind is skins for ColourMod. I want people to pimp their ColourMod out, make it look hot. So with an API you could set the skin like this, ColourMod.setSkin(‘the new hotness’). That’s right, so simple. Let’s say you want to change the selection images, you could write this, ColourMod.setSliderImage(‘/images/arrowTheIsCool.png’).

Another feature that has been requested a lot is to output a different colour value than Hex values. One might go about that by writing this, ColourMod.setColourOutput(‘CMYK’) or ColourMod.setColourOutput(‘RGB’). The possibilities are literally endless. I hope you are as excited about this as I am, cause this is going to blow the colour picking world out of it’s socks.

3 Responses to “AP Huh?”  

  1. 1 Keegan Jones

    Oooh, way cool. I’m looking forward to a nice API. Gotta get back to my job at the bread factory…

  2. 2 ColourMod

    Heck YEAH!

  3. 3 Mike Stickel

    That. Would. Rule. You are… the man.