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In an effort to expand this site and what it can offer (other than the widgets), what are some things that you’d like to see in terms of new sections, resources, etc?

4 Responses to “What new site features would you like to see?”  

  1. 1 Dan

    I don’t know if this is even a good idea, but I’ve always heard that no idea is a bad idea. Alot of other sites more specific to color have a place or way to select color pallettes. I think sometimes it would be a sweet feature to have some kind of color storage or way to preserve some colors that you use frequently. Whether this be an online profile or something built into ColourMod or even linked together, I don’t know. Also popular is a way to rate colors (more specifically pallettes). I know that if color pallette selection becomes available it will surely open become more competitive in the color “arena”. Obviously you want to differentiate CM from the rest of the color pickers, so these may or may not be viable options.

  2. 2 bit

    I’d love some kind of forums or other feedback system for support (and perhaps even for praise and suggestions). I love ColourMod and it really is the best color picker out there but I’ve run into several problems using it on IE and I’ve had to hack through it myself. It’d be nice to have a direct line to the developer and to other users who might also be experiencing or just be familiar with the same problems.

    Also, shouldn’t the name indicated in the license be updated to your name? 😛

  3. 3 John

    What problems did you have with IE? I gotta have something that will work on everything.


  4. 4 Gon

    It’s not a site feature, but if the site had any forum or place for suggestions i’d write there. I’ll love to have ColourMod as a Vista sidebar gadget.

    Thank you!