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Download ColourMod - Dashboard Widget

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Download ColourMod Konfabulator - Konfabulator Widget

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Download ColourMod Unbranded

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Release Notes

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ColourMod - Dashboard Widget Screenshot

ColourMod - Konfabulator Widget Information

ColourMod - Dashboard Widget Information

ColourMod - Plug And Play Information

ColourMod - Unbranded Information

ColourMod - Personalized Information

Here are the current release notes for all things ColourMod!

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v2.0.1

- Added tooltips and single click colour selection

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v2.0

- Added colour wheel selection capabilities

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v1.8

- Added Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) input/output fields

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v1.6

- Added Red, Green and Blue (RGB) input/output fields

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v1.4

- Added Hue, Saturation and Value input/output fields

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v1.2

- Added copy-hex-to-clipboard button

ColourMod (Plug-And-Play) v2.2

- Supports multiple stylesheets (CSS)
- Detects if ColourMod window is outside view and adjusts accordingly
- Added variables to function to allow for custom offset

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v1.0

- Mouse will keep selecting outside colour area
- Fixed other selection bugs

ColourMod (Konfabulator) v0.9

- Debut Release

ColourMod (Dashboard Widget) v1.9

- Added CMYK input and output conversions
- Added an info button for all views
- Fixed minor display bug

ColourMod (Plug-And-Play) v2.1

- Added an inline “pop-up” div tag instead of a pop-up window
- Changed the javascript call
- Removed PHP dependence
- XHTML 1.0 valid
- Web Standards Compliant

ColourMod (Dashboard Widget) v1.8

- Fixed Color Wheel Bug

ColourMod (Dashboard Widget) v1.7

- Added Colour Wheel Selection
- Added Copy-Hex-To-Clipboard Button

ColourMod (Dashboard Widget) v1.6

- Speed dramatically increased
- Fixed bugs in input fields
- Updated design
- Reduced overall footprint

ColourMod (Plug-N-Play) v2.0

- Updates single or multiple textfields with Hex value
- Automatically fills textfields from cookie information
- Cookies can be turned on or off

ColourMod (Dashboard Widget) v1.5

- Increased speed
- Changed format of input fields