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Download ColourMod - Dashboard Widget

Download ColourMod - Konfabulator Widget

Download ColourMod Konfabulator - Konfabulator Widget

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Download ColourMod - Plug And Play

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Download ColourMod Unbranded

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Konfabulator Widget

Windows users can have fun too

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ColourMod - Konfabulator Widget Information

ColourMod - Dashboard Widget Information

ColourMod - Plug And Play Information

ColourMod - Unbranded Information

ColourMod - Personalized Information


ColourMod as a widget used to be limited to just those who had a Macintosh computer. But why should Mac users have all the fun? Daniel VanMilligan helped port ColourMod to Konfabulator opening up new vistas of Colour for Windows users (and Mac users who don't like Dashboard).

Sick of having to open up Photoshop, or another graphics program just so you can get a Hex value? ColourMod for Konfabulator brings ease and simplicity to colour picking on Windows and the Mac.

ColourMod allows for the user to select their own colours and get the colour's cooresponding Hex value right from the ColourMod Konfabulator interface and then copy it to the clipboard.

Currently, ColourMod for Konfabulator is limited compared to the Dashboard release. But never fear, updates will be made and will bring ColourMod for Konfabulator up-to-speed with the Dashboard version.

ColourMod for Konfabulator is FREE! So what are you waiting for? Get colouring!

Download ColourMod Konfabulator Widget Windows XP
Download ColourMod Konfabulator Widget OS X Tiger

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