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Download ColourMod - Dashboard Widget

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Use Your Own Logo

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ColourMod - Dashboard Widget Information

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ColourMod - Unbranded Information

ColourMod - Personalized Information


ColourMod Personalized comes with all the same features you've come to expect from Plug-And-Play, but instead of ColourMod's logo you get to put your own logo in its place. This is perfect for when you want to integrate ColourMod into a web-application and want to maintain your own branding.

To purchase ColourMod Personalized use the download link at the right. You will be taken to PayPal for payment. After you have made a payment you will need to , a high-quality version of the artwork that you want placed on ColourMod.

Once I have added your artwork to ColourMod, and the payment is processed, I will send you a copy of ColourMod Personalized via email.

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