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Download ColourMod - Dashboard Widget

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Download ColourMod Konfabulator - Konfabulator Widget

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Download ColourMod - Plug And Play

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Download ColourMod Unbranded

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Download ColourMod Personalized

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DHTML Colour Picker

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ColourMod - Konfabulator Widget Information

ColourMod - Dashboard Widget Information

ColourMod - Plug And Play Information

ColourMod - Unbranded Information

ColourMod - Personalized Information


The ColourMod Plug-And-Play version was the first colour picker ever produced by ColourMod. ColourMod revolutionized the way internet users could pick and choose colours through a web-browser. With each new day ColourMod is evolving into the quickest, easiest and most compact DHTML colour picker out there.

ColourMod Plug And Play is meant to be a plugin for web-based applications. With a few simple code inclusions (PHP not required) ColourMod is ready to start colouring.

The Colourmod code is wrapped in a ColourMod specific <div> tag and will display when called. The colour selector is also draggable to allow for the user to move the colour selector wherever they want on the page.

ColourMod Plug And Play runs on StyleMod. StyleMod is a script developed by that allows for quick modification of a documents style sheet. This means that ColourMod can update dynamically any style used on a webpage.

Plug And Play can also remember any changes to a style sheet via cookies. The information stored in the cookies can be called on a page load and will update the page accordingly.

To top it off ColourMod can be linked with an <input> field and will fill the <input> field with the selected Hex value. When combined with cookies, the <input> field can be updated from the cookie on page load.

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